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Looks like they finished up the Project YZ125 over at Two Stroke Motocross. The bike looks great! Check it out…

See the previous post on this project bike for links to TSM’s website and facebook page.

Those are our Eco series hubs with D.I.D DirtStar ST-X rims, and our spokes and red anodized 7075 nipples.


We’ve built up a custom wheel set for a project bike being built by Two-Stroke Motocross, a website based around 2 stroke dirt bikes. Check out their website, which has a nice discussion forum.  You can see more photos of the project here.

They started with an older YZ 125, and have stripped it down and rebuilt with aftermarket parts. Here’s what the bike originally looked like.

The bike will be finished in a red, white and black color scheme. Here’s the wheels we sent them today. Should be a pretty sweet ride once it’s all done!

Here’s a copy of a new write up on RAD wheels that will appear in the next issue of Dirt Bike magazine. They gave us a nice review. Check it out.

All Black

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Motocross Wheel Builds, Rims
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Here’s some great looking wheels we just built in all black. Black everything! Rims, Hubs, Spokes, and Nipples….all black. I think the A60’s really make this wheel set shine. Something about that stripe. It really brings it together. Dig


Below is an email we received from a satisfied customer…
Hi to all,
My is Steven Poplasky, I had you guys build me some 18″ front wheels one gold rim/blk hub and one silver/silver combo. I just wanted to thank you for a great job. I wanted to let you know that I sold ALL my 21’s and will not ever go back.  So, in the future when I build or purchase a bike I will be getting a 18″ to replace that ratty 21″… Here are a couple of photo’s you my use for sale purpose..
These 18″ front wheels add so much stability you can’t make a mistake.. There were area’s where I use to slow down because the 21 felt a little unstable where now I just poor on the the gas!! It makes riding so much more fun and don’t want to get off..  My friends seem to get tired and beet up on those ratty 21’s!! The only added thing anyone needs to do is to make the rebound on the fork come out a little faster because of the little added weight of the 18…Trials tires are key……
I don’t think anyone would be disappointed……..
Last summer I rode my first race in three years, after running my own race series. So, just for the heck of it I went to the other series to see it I still had it!! Starting on the A-Senior line, I ended up pulling off a 21st overall 1st in class and it took me about 10yr’s to beat this one guy… In the end I put 1:12 on him..on full stock MX forks!!! That was the best feeling because nobody couldn’t ever beat this guy..  Bottom line I just plan smoked his ass and he was pissed..
Once again I just wanted to thank all of you at RAD MFG for the best at a affordable price…. Keep up the great work…. Oh, by the way I’m having you guys do my third
18″ front thru Joe @ Motorsport Nation CT  Thank you Steven Poplasky
Thanks Steven!