Looks like they finished up the Project YZ125 over at Two Stroke Motocross. The bike looks great! Check it out…

See the previous post on this project bike for links to TSM’s website and facebook page.

Those are our Eco series hubs with D.I.D DirtStar ST-X rims, and our spokes and red anodized 7075 nipples.


We’ve built up a custom wheel set for a project bike being built by Two-Stroke Motocross, a website based around 2 stroke dirt bikes. Check out their website, which has a nice discussion forum.  You can see more photos of the project here.

They started with an older YZ 125, and have stripped it down and rebuilt with aftermarket parts. Here’s what the bike originally looked like.

The bike will be finished in a red, white and black color scheme. Here’s the wheels we sent them today. Should be a pretty sweet ride once it’s all done!

Queensland Yamaha rider Tamara Gray racks up a second consecutive round win in SSMX.

The sand of Hervey Bay played host to the fourth round of the Shell Advance Sunshine State Motocross Series over the weekend and Tamara’s strong performance of 2-1 in the Senior Women’s class did the trick in securing her a second consecutive win in the series.
With four rounds still remaining, this latest top score continues to keep her pressing hard in what’s shaping up to be a two horse race.
Moto one saw Tamara charging hard from the start taking the hole shot.  With series leader Sarah Guthrie hot in pursuit, Gray was able to hold off the rookie over the following fifteen minutes only to lose the lead on the final lap.

In moto two Gray was amongst top two off the start, making her way to the front.  Guthrie continued her hard charging making a pass only to have Tamara return the favour and run away with the win.

“I am happy I didn’t lose any points in the series standings today, I don’t have the best track record in the sand here.  I am glad that’s the last of the sand tracks as technical hard pack is more my specialty.”

“In the first moto I felt like I struggled, riding tight and not letting the bike move in the sand.  I felt I was keeping it together just well enough to take the win until I got slowed up by a lapped rider and I lost the lead.”

“A bit devastated after the first moto I had a good re-think and went out on the track with a different goal – just to ride smooth and get in to a rhythm.  That approach worked for me, despite the track being rougher I definitely felt I rode it better.”

The win in the final moto not only secured her on the top step of the podium for the day but landed a spot on the local Channel 7 and 9 news broadcast representing her sponsor’s and women’s motocross.
Next stop on the WMX calendar for Tamara is round five of the Shell Series at Kingaroy June 5th.
Tamara considered a pioneer of women’s racing is currently ranked first in Queensland for Natural Terrain MX, and second for Motocross, with a ranking of seventh nationally.  Tamara has won 10 QLD senior women’s motocross championships and was the first women in her state to be graded to intermediate amongst men’s competition.
Tamara continues to race for the love of racing and riding motorcycles.

Tamara would like to thank her sponsors; Yamaha QLD, Bayside Yamaha, GYTR, Motul, Fox, MPT Fitness, Ward Racing Developments, Kustom MX, Pirelli, Polisport, Alpinestar, RK Chains, Promo Shack Jersey ID, Sixty-nine Designs, Excel Rims, RAD hubs, JT sprockets, Hiflo filters, Vee Rubber, Ferodo & Barkbuster.
Full results can be found at www.orion-timing.com
Photo credit:  Tamara Gray
2011 Shell Advance Sunshine State Motocross Series
Senior Women’s Open 

Round 4 Results

1st Tamara Gray  YAMAHA 47 points
2nd Sarah Guthrie  KTM  47 points
3rd Kayla McLelland YAMAHA 40 points

Series Standings

1st Sarah Guthrie  KTM  186 points
2nd Tamara Gray  YAMAHA 184 points
3rd Kayla McLelland YAMAHA 139 points

Here’s a little article I wrote for ebay about 5 years ago.

This is a guide intended to provide basic information regarding…

ATV Wheel Spacers

rad atv wheel spacers

So, you want to add some width to your quad? You have a few choices. One is a wider axle in the rear. Another is extended a-arms up front. Those used to be the only real choices, then along came wheel spacers. The two types of wheel spacers that are available are quite a bit different from each other as outlined below.

Type A

  • Solid ring design with studs attached
  • Bolts on to existing studs using the stock lugnuts. Wheels then bolt on to the spacers.


Stronger. Very stable with no wobble.


If built too wide can result in bent axles. 2 inches is the maximim recommended width


Type B

  • Stud extension design. One spacer for each stud.
  • Spacers thread on to existing studs. Wheels then bolt on as usual.




Loss of stability. Wheel does not fit against hub face, which produces wobble.


Buy from a reputable source. Look for products designed and manufactured by companies who produce other quality ATV products. Compare features and design such as materials used, weight savings, strength, value, etc.

Remember, the Type A spacers are a very attractive way to add width and it’s tempting for a manufacturer to produce spacers that are simply too wide for the application. 2 inches is the maximum width recommended in order to maintain structural integrity of the axle. This goes for the majority of popular applications.

One of our dealers in New Zealand, Motoworks was badly affected by earthquake damage. Here’s some blog posts from Shane regarding their situation, with which we sympathize…


Posted By: Motoworks on 19th March, 2011

Motoworks store has been badly affected by the February earthquake, our warehouse is one of the Christchurch CBD business’s that is wearing the “infamous” Red Sticker.

This is made worse because we are inside the Red Zone cordon and any “official” entry to our building is denied. The Army have even set up their checkpoint 20m from our door so “sneaking” in has taken on a similarity to Prisoner of War movies.

However we have “Rescued” some items including our precious TM spares which turned up late one night in a “Bread Truck”!

Our specialty items have mostly been re-ordered and are currently turning up into store now on a daily basis so it is almost “Business as usual”.

I personally would like to thank our suppliers, all our specialty suppliers have been great. Many have even sent stock items without them even being ordered, your thoughts and deeds will never be forgotten and your rewards I know will be immense.

Motoworks “Old School” philosophy especially with “shit happens so just get over it” has been our strength, we are well down the path of rebuilding the shop, workshop and warehouse with a totally new building and our new site even has room for a full MX/SX style track to be constructed.

TM Racing bikes and spares are the first thing to be completed and fully functional, to Mr. Serafini and his staff, especially Stefano and Davide I could not have achieved it without your support and kindness, grazie, grazie.

Further news as it happens will be posted here on our new blog, keep an eye on it as Motoworks is back and we will take no prisoners in our determination to remain the best.

Regards Shane

Red Zone

Posted By: Motoworks on 30th March, 2011

Motoworks & being inside the Red Zone.

Being inside the Red Zone has had a fair amount of frustration; we have had to cope with many levels of Government and Local Government hierarchy and the highs and lows that come along with it.

The short version is we have not been legally allowed access to our building or stock; we have gained access however and have managed to move “under cover” a great deal of it to safer storage. This storage is still in the Red Zone and not quite yet freely accessible but is getting a lot closer day by day. The coming week looks like we will be able to move the last of the stock and possibly even recover some of the workshop equipment, not all of the equipment will be saved though.

Further updates will follow shortly including what the future holds for Motoworks, we do have a direction we are heading in and some exciting new possibilities.

Our building is munted, was originally Red stickered then it was changed to a yellow by a private engineer and now it is back as a Red. As the tug of war goes on between those concerned we are left with still not being able to gain access. Knowing what we do now, we would have initiated some actions much sooner!

Last week Zone 5, 6 & 7 were all Red. Map 1 is two days ago and Map 2 is today, who knows what tomorrow brings?